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Finally made it in on a Sunday to weed the garden and give the Jasmin a prune. I’ll be getting the paintbrush out next!! Must’ve been that extra hour in bed. ...

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8 months ago

199 Bath Road, Cheltenham

Excellent article from KateAre you getting all your nutrients?

I’m sure not many of us, with our busy lives, actually stop and think ‘have I had all my nutrients today?’ 😆 But perhaps we should. Nutrient deficiencies have been linked to disease and numerous health conditions but even mild deficiencies can cause feelings of tiredness, depression and hormonal imbalance. It would be impossible to analyse everything we eat and drink each day for nutrients (I do this for you as part of my consultation), but I can remind you of a few basics with a simplified checklist.

1. Vegetables- approximately 5-7 portions daily including salads. These provide carbohydrates, fibre, feed good bacteria and are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals essential for good health. Aim for variety to get all nutrients. Add some spinach to your smoothie or eggs. Mix up starchy & leafy veg too.

2. Fruit - Fibre, antioxidants. 2 portions max because of natural sugar content. If you have fruit in smoothies, that is your fruit (and sugar) for the day -sorry 😳

3. Protein - For cell growth and repair, bone strength and so much more. Include some at each meal. Go for whole, natural foods. Sources include quality free range eggs, fish, sea food, meat, game, poultry, dairy. Animal sources also provide essential nutrients iron, iodine, B12 and B6. Vegans may need to supplement these nutrients. Veg sources of protein are nuts, seeds, quinoa, brown rice, beans, peas and lentils. Requirements are individual.

4. Healthy fats - So important for hormone function, mental health, weight management, to absorb vitamins A,D, E & K, for immunity and more. Again include in each meal. Good examples: olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk (pure), avocado, oily fish, nuts, seeds, quality free range meat.

5. Pure, filtered water. Hydration is essential for brain health, energy levels, hormone balance mood and weight management. It’s also important for detoxification and blood pressure. Use a good water filter as tap water contains traces of undesirable chemicals that disrupt hormones. Use a glass or stainless steel water bottle rather than plastic to reduce further exposure to chemicals. Set a timer to remind yourself to drink it 😊

In this bowl here I have: veg- (carbs, fibre, vits & mins): mixed leaves, avocado (also fat), baked sweet potato, red pepper, sprouted lentils, beetroot; pepper hummus (protein, fat); leftover cooked chicken (protein); olive oil (fat), apple cider vinegar (probiotic). I bought the hummus from Riverford & beetroot from Tesco. I’d cooked the sweet potato & chicken in advance.

Have a great weekend 🥑

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